TangledGroup, Inc. takes pride in its unique ability to assemble diverse teams of experts, each with their own priorities and areas of specialization, working towards the common goal of crafting specific solutions. The company values skill, affinity, and individual needs, providing its team members the flexibility to steer their personal growth and development in the direction that best aligns with their interests and aspirations. TangledGroup, Inc. is not only a platform for professional growth but also a beacon of opportunity for young individuals, particularly those from southern Serbia. The chance to work with TangledGroup, Inc. is seen as a significant step forward in their career path.


The basis and values of our group include:

    Encouraging and supporting environment.

    Working with cutting-edge technologies.

    Working in organized and customized teams.

    Transparency in operations.

    Commitment to customers.

    Flexibility of work processes.

    Welcoming and encouraging new ideas.

    Open communication and consultation about blockers.

    Allowing new and less experienced colleagues to work with experts.


Philanthropy affects the well-being of entire communities. Tangled Group, Inc. operates with the idea that education, culture, art, skillfulness, and humanity are the cornerstones of the development of a virtuous and, above all, functional society. The success of an individual or group must penetrate the environment, the community, and the wider society to power genuine progress and development. The more you give, the more you begin to see all your resources.

We have proudly chosen to grow together with our environment and close community. It is an immense pleasure to contribute in any way to those who, through their work, commitment and talent, contribute the most to the progress and development of society.

Define your mission. Find a place to start. That can make a difference.