The companies within the group have different priorities in their fields of work. The advantage of the TangledGroup is the possibility to combine different experts and willingness to form different teams in search of specific solutions. Regarding possessing - skills, affinities, and needs, everyone can adjust their direction of self-improvement. Young people from the south Serbia region see the opportunity to work in the ThangledGroup as a great chance of a career path.


The basis and values of our group include:

    An environment that supports and encourages

    Work with cutting-edge technologies

    Work in organized and customized teams

    Transparency in operations

    Commitment to customers

    Flexibility in the organization of the work process

    The constant possibility of suggesting ideas

    Public displaying of blockers and mutual consultation about said blockers

    Including new and less experienced members in the working process with experts

Why Tangled?


Their level of communication, accessibility, and most importantly - the quality of development deliverables has been on par, or even better than most development teams I've worked with domestically in the United States. They are always pleasant and patient to work with.

Tyler Munson

TangledCloud has been very helpful in assisting us with making complex website changes and updates. They're very responsive and effective, requiring little direction or follow up.

Nick Cederlind

More than anything, TangledCloud really cared about our success.

Phil Shpilberg


Philanthropy affects the well-being of entire communities. TangledGroup operates with the idea that education, culture, art, skillfulness, and humanity are the cornerstones of the development of a virtuous and, above all, functional society. The success of an individual or group must penetrate the environment, the community, and the wider society to power genuine progress and development. The more you give, the more you begin to see all your resources. Our companies are located in the economically less developed region of the country in the center of southern Serbia. In spite of such challenges, our will to create and share has strengthened and grown.

We have proudly chosen to grow together with our environment and close community. It is an immense pleasure to contribute in any way to those who, through their work, commitment and talent, contribute the most to the progress and development of society.

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