Tangled Group, Inc. keeps up with ever-changing technologies and data-based solutions and strives to meet the most challenging customer demands by providing a fully digital experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI-powered technologies, computers can accomplish specific tasks by analyzing huge amounts of data and recognizing recurrent patterns in it. TangledHub can introduce AI to your digital solution and simplify numerous processes.

Research and Development

Our motivation is to turn generated knowledge into something that is usable. Our task is to reveal and then avoid a number of potential pitfalls and weaknesses.

Design and Branding

By partnering up and collaborating with experts in the field of marketing, design, and branding, we can provide you with the full digital experience. Our associates SowiesoHelder will take care of all your marketing and branding needs and Kwaku Amuti will provide you with all the tools you lack for exquisite design and branding.

Artificial Intelligence

Handling huge amounts of data doesn't have to be difficult. Let Artificial Intelligence do it for you. We can help you integrate AI Machine Learning methods and algorithms to accomplish complex real-world tasks.

Web & Mobile Development

Plan, design, and develop the web and mobile experience your business deserves. Our development process is led by experience in solving technological and strategic problems. We deliver optimal solutions across various devices.


Deploying a project can be as tricky as developing it in the first place. Choose TangledCloud and you can set IAM, CI/CD and securely deploy your project to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode or any other service.

Artificial Intelligence

Effectively handle vast datasets with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating AI Machine Learning methods and advanced algorithms, empowering businesses to navigate complex real-world tasks with precision. Whether it's data analysis, pattern recognition, or predictive modeling, our tailored solutions optimize AI utilization for enhanced efficiency.


Securing GenAI/LLM solutions in cybersecurity is crucial, as these AI systems process vast amounts of data, recognize intricate patterns, and preemptively identify threats, all while streamlining security protocols. However, safeguarding the integrity of these AI systems themselves is paramount, given their data-driven nature, susceptibility to false positives, and sometimes inscrutable logic.


The deployment phase of an AI/ML project often mirrors the complexity of its development, requiring careful orchestration and management. Selecting the appropriate MLOps strategy is essential, as it ensures that the transition from development to production is secure and efficient, safeguarding the integrity of the project and maintaining alignment with performance expectations.