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The main idea of TangledGroup is to round up diversified and experienced software development companies that are going to provide the full spectrum of distinguished software systems. With the help of new technologies, we are providing premium software support for your business. Our company provides IT solutions for both public and private sectors. Our dedicated teams treat every client with a customized approach.


TangledHub is a software development company committed to building high-quality software products. The core expertise of the company's developers is enterprise application development. As a result of an experience in cutting-edge technologies, TangledHub has created the TangledHub platform. The platform is a new technology that automates the process of creating web applications. The effect of using this platform is manifested by a significant reduction in time and resources required to create the application.


TangledCloud is an outsourcing company that offers software solutions based on the individual requirements of clients, providing partnerships and supporting clients to focus their knowledge and time on their primary business activities. If you are the owner of an idea, product, start-up, agency, or even development company, and want to scale up your business, we are going to meet all of your requirements with the appropriate software solutions for the necessary development and improvement of your business.


TangledLab is a company that represents its work through three approaches (R&D, MVP, and POC). The most professional members of the group will set fast solutions as a clear and stable basis for further development. Such approaches allow the project team to receive feedback from users and make product improvements promptly.


Thiel Foundation
Breakout Labs
Titan Advanced Energy Solutions (Titan)
Codepilot, Inc.
Nucleus Group
Thiel Foundation
Boston Microfluidics
Finanz- und Versicherungsberatung | Finanz Team Brülisauer GmbH
Verity - Autonomous indoor drone systems


Thiel Foundation
Interventure - Nearshore Outsourcing Company
Verity - Autonomous indoor drone systems