Introducing llama-cpp-wasm
WebAssembly (Wasm) Build and Bindings for llama.cpp
Feb 13 2024
Cybersecurity of / in GenAI / LLM
Focus on the security features or attributes inherent to Generative AI and Large Language Models themselves. The broader context of security within the field or domain of Generative AI and Large Language Models.
Oct 17 2023
Software Development Solutions with GenAI, LLM
In the realm of software development, the integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) is a game-changer, simplifying the handling of unstructured data and shortening development cycles. By employing LLMs and GenAI technologies, developers can efficiently parse vast data, extract meaningful insights, and automate key processes, directly addressing the challenges of data quality and project delays.
Oct 16 2023
Intelligent “Agent Smith” - Jailbreak
An overview of an intelligent agent known as "Agent Smith" that possesses the ability to escape from sandboxes, leave its original host, and migrate to other hosts. Furthermore, Agent Smith's capability to continually evolve its code and prompts is discussed, enabling ongoing self-improvement.
Oct 15 2023
llama-cpp-python Exploit - Arbitrary Code Execution
Exposing a vulnerability within the llama-cpp-python library. This exploit capitalizes on a weakness in the llama-cpp-python library, making use of a custom suffix parameter in the `Llama._create_completion` method to execute arbitrary code.
Oct 14 2023
PandasAI Jailbreak - Arbitrary Code Execution
Revealing vulnerability in PandasAI library. The exploit leverages a flaw in the SciPy library, utilizing the imported ctypes module to execute arbitrary code.
Oct 13 2023
Langchain Tool Exploit - Arbitrary Code Execution
Revealing flaws in Langchain and its Wikipedia tool. Altered data from the Wikipedia tool distorts results, directing LLM towards incorrect analysis and conclusions.
Oct 12 2023
Cybersecurity of GenAI, LLM - MITM Attack
Dive into the shadowy realm of cybersecurity with GenAI and LLMs, as we dissect the elusive Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack. A brief, yet insightful foray into the perpetual dance between cybersecurity and evolving cyber threats.
Oct 11 2023
TangledLabs - GenAI, LLM
Meet our new AI/ML multi-modal playground TangledLabs. It currently harnesses Llama2 7B, Mistral 7B, Stable Diffusion XL, LangChain, llama.cpp, UForm & USearch, and many others, to untangle data science.
Sep 2 2023
USearch - Smaller & Faster Single-File Vector Search Engine
Search Engine for Vectors & Texts. USearch employs HNSW algorithm. Faster & Smaller Single-File. USearch is compact and broadly compatible without sacrificing performance, with a primary focus on user-defined metrics and fewer dependencies.
Aug 4 2023
Embedding Text/Image using UForm into Vectors
UForm is a library designed to encode multi-lingual texts, images, and soon, audio, video, and documents, into a shared vector space. It offers pre-trained networks that are compact and efficient, suitable for deployment from large servers to mobile devices.
Aug 3 2023
Sentence Transformers - Multilingual Text/Image Embeddings
Sentence Transformers has established itself as a powerful tool that delivers dense vector representations for sentences, paragraphs, and images. It's made use of influential transformer architectures such as BERT, RoBERTa, and XLM-RoBERTa to offer best-in-class performance across a variety of tasks.
Aug 2 2023
Embedding into Vectors and leveraging Vector Databases
Modern advancements in data science and machine learning have given rise to an array of methods to represent, store, and retrieve information. Among these are embeddings, which allow us to represent complex entities such as words, images, and more in continuous vector spaces.
Aug 1 2023
SHRCAR ("shrcar") offers an integrated solution for shared mobility, allowing users to effortlessly search, book, and drive cars through its platform. The platform, backed by a Stripe-powered payment system and an efficient messaging feature, ensures a reliable and smooth transaction process for both hosts and drivers. In addition, Shrcar supports a federated shared mobility concept, promoting a community-driven approach to car sharing.
June 23 2023
HIPAA - Advancing Towards Security Excellence
We provide a combination of software development and technical auditing services, all committed to enhancing the enforcement of HIPAA Technical Safeguards and IT Compliance.
June 16 2023
HIPAA Technical Safeguards
A roadmap for key aspects of HIPAA Technical Safeguards
June 15 2023
HIPAA IT Compliance Checklist
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) IT compliance checklist is a guide ensuring the safeguarding of Protected Health Information (PHI) stored or transmitted electronically.
June 14 2023
Achieving HIPAA Compliance in IT Support and Software Development
HIPAA compliance is essential in healthcare IT support and software development. Failure to comply can lead to penalties, lawsuits, and reputational harm.
June 09 2023
Tangled Group, Inc. has arrived in the USA
The Tangled team is pleased to inform you that our business is expanding. Now we are even available for cooperation.
April 15 2022
TangledHub 5th anniversary!
TangledHub is now a team of over 30 members. Our passion is growing stronger every day. The company has started as a small…
February 03 2022
Free Voxel Game Assets
Download in a few seconds our ready-to-use 3D models.
December 31 2021
We wish you...
Happy New Year
December 31 2021
TangledHub Open-Source Libraries
Develop software using cutting-edge technology based on TangledHub libraries used by TangledHub Platform
December 31 2021
Serbian Philanthropic Gala evening
The second gala evening, organized by the Serbian Philanthropic Society in the magnificent Gotham Hall, brought together people who support
November 15 2021
Our company has just turned eight!
As an introduction to further development, we have created a space for the exchange of ideas, thoughts, knowledge, experiences…
October 24 2021