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Software solutions across various devices



TangledHub keeps up with ever-changing technologies and data-based solutions and strives to meet the most challenging customer demands by providing a fully digital experience.

Web Development

If you can’t find a business on the internet, it doesn't exist! Period! With attention to detail and working alongside you, TangledHub creates top-notch solutions compatible with various devices, making your business visible.

Mobile Development

With the little computers we carry around everywhere we go, the importance of mobile apps becomes clear. Whether Android or iOS TangledHub designs and builds impressive mobile software for you.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI-powered technologies, computers can accomplish specific tasks by analyzing huge amounts of data and recognizing recurrent patterns in it. TangledHub can introduce AI to your digital solution and simplify numerous processes.


Deploying a project can be as tricky as developing it in the first place. Choose TangledHub and you can set IAM, CI/CD, and securely deploy your project to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, or any other service.


Setting the precise project scope and assessments is essential for your projects’ success. Get another perspective and constructive input to ease the development process. We can provide insights about technologies, frameworks, user experience as well as the time required for the development.

Design and Branding

By partnering up and collaborating with experts in the field of marketing, design, and branding, we can provide you with the full digital experience. Our associates SowiesoHelder will take care of all your marketing and branding needs and Kwaku Amuti will provide you with all the tools you lack for exquisite design and branding.


About Us

Our Mission

We at TangledHub see our mission far beyond mere software creation. We are committed to building quality software products leveraging the massive knowledge and experience of our experts. TangledHub is a software development company that offers enterprise application development, website design, user interface, and branding services to customers all over the world. Whether your company is a start-up or a well-established business, we can cater to any software demands and work with you to design and deliver the best-in-class solution. For each project, we put together a dedicated team with all the required skills and vast expertise.